Balance both body and mind in one of Akasa's yoga classes, led by some of Connecticut's most experienced and talented yogis. We've made it our mission to offer a class for everyone from power yoga to gentle flow, Vinyasa to restorative classes, you're sure to find the perfect class for your schedule and experience level.

power vinyasa

75 minutes

An invigorating flow to strengthen & lengthen the muscles as well as relieve stress & toxins in both mind and body, synchronizing breath with movement, allowing a more fluid connection and awareness with mind and body. Classes are 75 minutes with the first 60 minutes concentrating on breath work, asanas, and alignment followed by 15 minutes of savasana using hands-on relaxation techniques, aromatherapy and sound healing featuring Tibetan singing bowls. Appropriate for intermediate/advanced participants. 

friday morning flow

60 minutes

It's FRIDAY... hooray!


Start your day with a 60 minute practice that will leave you feeling connected to your own personal power!  Link breath to movement during this dynamic, flowing practice and cultivate the strength, flexibility, balance, focus and endurance to support your body through the weekend and beyond! All levels welcome. 

Cozy vinyasa & Med.

60 minutes

Begin your week submerged in your practice. Enjoy the ambiance of a toasty warm room & flicking candles. As the practice of yoga takes hold, life begins to come into focus. The darkness dissipates & we see ourselves in a renewed light. We connect breath, body and spirit during this gentle vinyasa practice and end our time together with peaceful 10 minute of well deserved meditation.  Yoga is not about touching our toes, it’s about what we learn on the way down...Namaste  All levels welcome.


60 minutes

A yoga inspired, upbeat and energetic all-levels class with a mixture of light cardio, deep stretching and challenging static holds. The ball will challenge your neuromuscular system as you try to balance your body in seated, standing and extended poses.Squatting, stretching and rolling out over the ball can help release tight fascia, resulting in deep relaxation. You can expect increased core and spinal strength as well as balance as you match your breath with your movements, uniting the mind, body, spirit connection in this moving meditation.  All levels welcome. 

slow flow

60 minutes

SLOW FLOW connects accessible yoga postures with breath and movement. With this slower paced class, there is time to explore individual postures for new students so they can build confidence and familiarity, while experienced students can refine and explore deeper sensations. All can explore a deeper connection to their body through a well rounded practice. Let’s slow down!  All levels welcome. 


60 minutes

Give yourself a little R & R Akasa style... Restore & Release is a full-body, rebalancing class designed to help you slow down after a long day. This all levels class is for all ages and abilities looking to gain more flexibility and mobility in the body. There will be a focus on releasing muscle tension and tightness leaving you feeling restored, relaxed, and rebalanced.  All levels welcome. 


60 minutes

Pay attention!  That is exactly what you will do during this gentle yet powerful class.  You will pay attention to your body, your breath, the MOMENT!  In doing so you will mute the mental chatter and ease away the physical tension without feeling rushed into the next move, next breath, or next pose. Slow flow allows a person to become familiar with his or her body, create a reflective pause, and create the time to go inward. 


60 minutes

Strengthen and Lengthen with Grace!  This class focuses on total body fitness, core conditioning and increased flexibility. Challenge yourself with hand weights/body-weight exercises along with heat-building yoga poses designed take your personal practice to the next level. Cultivate physical strength, mental concentration and overall vitality!  All levels welcome


60 minutes

Gain a better understanding of your body in this class! Special focus will be placed on deconstructing poses while building strength and awareness within the posture. Each posture will be brought to life with a flow designed to create freedom in the body connecting breath and movement. Come prepared to explore, move, and have fun while doing it!  All levels welcome. 

GENTLE YOGA, med. & reiki

45 minutes

THE PERFECT TRIO ~ Gently Move your body, rest your mind & release your emotions during this 45 minute class that will leave you feeling appropriately THANKFUL on Thursday evenings!  All fitness levels are welcome!  All levels welcome.  

 ~ 30 min. Gentle Yoga
 ~ 15 min. Guided/Silent Meditation w/more Reiki

It's no coincidence that this class just so happens to proceed Melissa's 45 minute POWER Spin from 6-6:45pm.  What an even GREATER combo... 45 minutes of heart pounding spin, 30 minutes of gentle yoga, 15 minutes of meditation w/reiki!  PERFECTION!!! 

POWER YOGA, med. & reiki

60 minutes

POWER Yoga is a powerful, energetic form of yoga that pairs fitness and flow.  However, what's unique about this particular class is that while it will absolutely build internal heat, increase stamina, strength & flexibility it's paired perfectly with a peaceful period of meditation & reiki to enhance mindfulness and extinguish stress!  Appropriate for intermediate to advanced participants.