Want to burn between 420-620 calories per hour while 

building lean muscle, boosting cardiovascular health, and releasing endorphins? Try an Akasa spin class! The beauty of spin is that it is an individualized workout within a larger group class setting: you work at the intensity that is appropriate for YOU. Great music, great instructors, and incredible results await you in our spin classes.

Join Akasa's expert indoor cyclists for an hour indoor or ride combining jumps, climbs and endurance challenges accompanied by heart-pumping music of all genres! All levels are welcome. Monday's @ 5am, Wednesday's @ 5am, Saturday's @ 8am, Sunday's @ 9:15am.

ALL LEVEL 60 min. Spin

60 minutes

Hands griping, sweat pouring, heart pumping, pedals pushing!  Get excited for 60 minutes of slow strengthening climbs paired perfectly with fast cruisin' sprints!  We bust it out for 30 minutes, then we chill for 5, literally.... cold towels for ALL, as well as rehydration!  Then we're back at it for 25 more minutes of all out climbing' & cruisin' paired of course with the greatest of beats.  You don't want to miss it!  All fitness levels.  

Cruisin' & Climbin'  SPIN

60 minutes

Classic Cardio Spin is perfect for people who don’t enjoy, or have difficulty doing, higher-impact cardio activities like running. Spinning is a low-impact exercise that places less stress on your joints, which makes it ideal for older adults with knee or hip issues or those recovering from orthopedic injuries.  This 45 minute class will offer the perfect degree of challenge for those looking to amp up their cardiovascular endurance in a doable way!  All fitness levels.

classic cardio 45 min. spin

45 minutes

Get ready to sweat bullets during this 45 minute POWER Spin!  We'll be putting the pressure on those pedals, pushing, pulling, and putting it ALL IN!  Some songs we'll sprint, some songs we'll climb, some songs we'll dance, and some songs we'll do it ALL!!!  A fun way to boost your cardiovascular strength, relieve stress, and start your day feeling EMPOWERED!!!  All fitness levels.

45 min. POWER SPIN

45 minutes

It's no longer just a cardio workout, no sir no ma'am... we're taking it to the next level with Spin/Core Fusion. We'll start by getting our heart rate into the cardio/fat burning zone with 40 minutes of straight solid spin... then SHAZAM BAM we’re off the bikes for 20 minutes of PUMPIN' core work to carve out those abs!  All fitness levels.  


60 minutes

For the 1st 30 minutes we crank the volume and move our bodies to some heart-pumping beats!  We incorporate weights, cardio and most important TON of FUN!  Then, it's into the spin room we go for 30 more minutes of super cycling cardio!  Come as you are, leave feeling AMAZING!!!  Appropriate for all fitness levels.  


60 minutes

Love spin but can't make it to any of our classes???  No problem!  If you want to ride when we're not offering a spin class, YOU CAN!  Bring your headphones, get in your zone, and ride baby ride.  For more details e-mail us a info@akasact.com