Celebrate with us!  Whether it's a birthday party, bachelorette, baby shower, bridal shower, or any other reason to CELEBRATE or simply gather we welcome you to use our beautiful space!

birthday parties


Want to give your child an extra special Birthday party, but just don't have the time, energy, or space?  LET US HELP!  Our 90 minute parties include...

- FUN age appropriate yoga inspired games and activities.

- Themed arts & crafts take home project.  Some examples...

          ~ Super hero theme with Cape Decorating

          ~ Princesses & Knights theme with Crowns & Shields

          ~ Fairy and/or Pirate theme with Wand & Pirate Hat

          ~ Yoga theme with Dream Catcher Creation

          ~ Color theme with Canvas Painting

          ~ Pick Your Own Theme & decide on your own Custom Project

- Birthday Cake from Cutie Pies in Thomaston (see button below for cake options)

- Pizza from Hometown Pizza in Thomaston

Package 1 | $450 - Includes activity, art project, pizza (up to 2 large pizzas), cake (1 cake, 8" or 10") all those minor details... tables, chairs, table clothes, napkins, plates.

Package 2 | $300 - Includes activity & art project, you supply the rest.

- Price includes up to 15 children.

- All dates and times are subject to availability until reserved with a $50 non-refundable deposit.

- We'll need a final headcount 5 days before the party.  

- You're welcome to modestly decorate/prep 30 minutes prior to the event but we require any decorations brought to be removed & taken with you at the end of the party.

- We do not supply party decorations, drinks, snacks, or goodie bags.

- Package 1 includes one cake (8" or 10") & up to 2 Large Cheese or Pepperoni Pizzas.  Supplied & delivered.  Any additional pizzas, toppings, cakes, and cake decorations are available for an additional fee. 

- To book your party or request more information please shoot us an email. 

blessingway ceremony

A Blessingway is a special ceremony to honor and celebrate the Mother-to-be. While baby showers are occasions to focus on the baby, a Blessingway is an occasion to focus on the Mother and to bless the way ahead for her.

Blessingways come from our Native American culture and have been gaining in popularity in recent years.  These ceremonies are organized and attended by the Mother-to- be’s closest and most trusted women friends.

Here is popular structure for the ceremony:

Environment Opening
Pampering, adorning Feasting



On the day of the Blessingway, this circle of women friends creates a sacred, calming space with warm candles, soft music, pillowy seating (especially for the guest of honor) and healthy, nourishing food.


Opening | Women gather in a circle. Someone takes on the role of leader and invites everyone to join her in a simple heart centered meditation. Each woman in turn then introduces herself and shares how she came to be in the guest of honor’s life.  Someone explains the plan of the ceremony and offers a dedication, setting the tone for the gathering.


Rituals | There are many delightful and meaningful rituals that are often included in this ceremony. Here are a few favorites:

1.  Spirit Bracelets
A ball of red yarn is passed around the circle, each woman wrapping the yarn around her wrist forming individual and connected bracelets. The yarn is then snipped leaving each woman with a red yarn bracelet around her wrist. The “spirit bracelets” remain on until the baby safely arrives and then are cut to celebrate the arrival of a new life!

2.  Birthing Candle
A large ”Mother” candle is placed in the center of the circle. In turn, each sister lights her own candle from the “Mother” candle, offering a word of encouragement and strength. When the Mother sends out the message that her labor has begun, all the candles are then lit again and remain lit until her baby is born.

3.  Birthing Necklace
Each sister brings a few beads to the ceremony and together they string the beads, creating a custom made necklace for the guest of honor to wear while birthing her baby.

4.  Letters to the baby
Each sister writes a letter to the guest of honor’s baby telling her/him all about her/his mother!

Pampering and Adorning | Mama is invited to sit on her throne of pillows. Each sister chooses a way to honor her that pleases the mother to be.

*Brushing and styling her hair
*adorning her with floral crowns
*painting her belly with henna
*creating a beautiful plate of food to offer her *creating birth prayer flags

*belly dancing
*adorning her with jewelry
*foot bath and massage
*post birth herbs or bath salts
*quilt squares
*meal roster for two weeks after birth


Feasting | Everyone enjoys a delicious feast of healthy, nourishing foods!


Closing | This is an opportunity to sit in silence with each other, basking in the flow of love that has been created. It is a lovely time to sing sacred songs, read inspiring poetry, share positive birth stories and offer one more blessing for the Mother-to-be!  If interested please email us by clicking below.

Space rental

Need a warm welcoming location to host your next event?  Our Yoga room is 700 square feet of open space available for private booking at various times throughout the week at a rate of $50/per hour.  If interested please email us by clicking below.