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New Date to be Determined

A fun motivational small group training program developed to get newbies up & running. This 8 week program led by Natalie & Linda will challenge & motivate you to reach your 5k goal! No running experience or fitness level required. All you need is a pair of runners & a sense of humor! In addition to learning correct running techniques & tips, beneficial stretches for runners & endurance building tools will be included to help each individual accomplish their goal of being a seasoned runner! Each runner will also receive an Akasa Couch to 5K tee!

Runs ~ Wed. evenings & Sat. mornings starting May 2nd

FINAL RUN ~ To be determined


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New Date to be Determined

Step into your authentic power through this invigorating practice. Inside Flow is not just a fluid vinyasa yoga practice but a journey to the beating heart that lives inside of you. Music is the driving force around which an Inside Flow Workshop and its sequencing are built. Gently moving from one posture to another, we focus on the movement between the postures, not just the posture itself, which allows the body to feel the rhythm of the music. Breath, movement, and music unite as ONE. Each workshop has a choreographed sequence that flows to a specific piece of music and is broken down into segments throughout the class in order to fully marry the movement with the musicality. To truly feel in sync, a common intention is set, the volume of the music goes up and we move as one!


Beginners Spin

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Interested in Spinning but intimidated!?  Well, we say when in doubt, pedal it out, and now we're making it easier than ever before to do just that!


Every other month join us @ 10:30 for a 45 minute Beginners Spin Class.  Learn about proper bike adjustment, form, body alignment, and most important leave feeling confident that YES, you CAN participate in a Spin Class!!! 


Donations ONLY... All are welcome!


Beginners Yoga

New Date to be Determined

Please join Dianne for this “beginners, intro to yoga” class. This is for those of you who have been wanting to try yoga but felt, for some reason, it wasn’t “right for you” or that you “couldn’t do it” or you “weren’t in good enough shape.”
Yoga is for everyone. Yoga means “yoke” or “Union” and it’s about connection.

Yhe physical aspects of yoga(asana) is only a small part. There is so much more! Yoga is about connecting to breath, body and spirit. It offers you opportunities to go a little deeper and not get so caught up in the thinking mind. Yoga practice teaches us the importance of the breath as our refuge. It helps us to find relaxation and peace of mind. It has also been known to help with anxiety.

Give yourself the gift of yoga. You’d be amazed at how your life can change with a yoga practice. We step on to our mat with some uncertainty and step off with more gratitude, more compassion and more peace. We bring what we learn on our mat our into the world, making the world a more beautiful place.

A donation based beginner practice. A gift that keeps on giving.
Namaste 🙏

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Spring Bonfire Ceremony

New Date to be Determined


Did you miss the last bonfire with Melissa? Well here's another chance to feel the magic!  April 17th, 6-8pm @ March Farm in Bethlehem.  Park at the farm playground... we'll meet there and then walk over to the location together.  


Join in on a special Bonfire Ceremony centered around grounding and releasing what doesn't serve you!!

This includes the ceremony, tea, wine (optional of course), soup, cheese and crackers and fruit!

This is a simple ceremony set around intentions to let go.

*We will use the tradition of calling in the directions to gain more energetic support followed by smudging.

*The ceremony will continue with a simple grounding meditation to connect each of us to our bodies, minds and spirits as they are in that moment.

*We will sit in contemplation and focus on what we are truly ready to let go of from a place of peace instead of releasing in the "heat of the moment". We will focus our energy within ourselves to visualize and feel what life would feel like without that burden anymore.

*We will then write down a word or a few sentences based on a memory or perhaps a name to be burned in the fire.
It is up to you to burn the paper quietly or share what you wrote with the group. Either way, you have witnesses standing by you to create a powerful shift of energy!

*We will conclude our ceremony with a celebration!
Warm tea, wine, organic homemade chicken soup, cheese, crackers and fruit will be served to honor our commitment to...