Elevate & Empower is Akasa's private Facebook group designed to motivate, guide, encourage and keep individuals on track with their health and fitness goals! Have you ever heard the quote, "Motivation is like lipstick, you have to reapply it daily to make it stick." It's true! Very few of us are self motivated, the rest of us need a little push. If you need that push, those little reminders, tips, and daily motivation, please join us! With weekly challenges, healthy tips, recipe ideas, as well as suggestions for self healing and stress relief, Elevate and Empower is sure to do just what it says... ELEVATE AND EMPOWER YOU, inside and out!



6 weeks of accountability, NEXT group starts DECEMBER 2nd

Physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual empowerment!

Healthy tips and suggestions

Meal prep ideas

Daily encouragement



Self love paired with self discipline!!!


During these 6 weeks I will do my best to be there for you... ALL OF YOU! We will focus on clean eating... consuming REAL food! We'll learn to move our bodies out of self love... embracing challenge for what it really is, a opportunity! Most importantly we'll understand the importance of stress relief... giving ourselves the permission to just BE in the moment free of worry, thoughts, and tension. Although this private group won't compare to one on one health coaching it is a far more affordable option that can be equally as beneficial. Open to the first 15 people to sign up only... JOIN US!

- After signing up you will receive an text or email within 24 hrs with more information -

The Balance Body & Akasa are joining forces to further enhance the quality of your health!

Get to the studio Saturday, December 7th from 11am-1pm and receive a 10 minute complimentary massage from a skilled Balanced Body masseuse.


BONUS... purchase a Sports Massage Package in studio on the day of the event & SAVE BIG!


3 Pack of Sports Massage for $205 ($50 savings)

There's more... purchase a 3 Pack of Sports Massages for $235 anytime after 12/7 ($20 savings)


This specialty pricing is available to Akasa members ONLY who currently hold an active 5 Class, 10 Class, 30 Day, or 365 Day Pass.  Don't have a current membership?!  No worries! Purchase a 5 Class, 10 Class, or 30 Day Pass the day of the event @ 15% off and take advantage of double savings.  

IMPORTANT - If interested be sure to email info@akasact.com in order to reserve your mini massage/time. This opportunity is only available to 12 lucky individuals.  First come first serve. :) 

Rose and her Gong are coming BACK!!!

Going forward Rose will be leading one Gong Meditation Class per month @ Akasa with the first opportunity being December 15th from 4:00-5:00pm. Mark your calendar!!!

NOTE... there is no specialty pricing for this class! Simply use you existing class pass or purchase a "drop in" to participate.

The Gong produces a strong dissonat sound wave, almost tangible, which stimulates the physical body by influencing the surface of the skin and every cell.

On a physical level, the gong releases tension and blocks in the body, and stimulates a higher functioning, a balancing of the glandular and nervous systems. The vibration increases prana, our vital life force and improves circulation.

The Gong works deeply on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It purifies and quietens the mind, by literally cutting through the rational mind while subtly clearing the clutter from the subconscious mind to reveal the radiant true, and authentic self. It can give us a glimpse of our neutral mind that is wise and nonjudgmental. The Gong helps turn the mind to shun, zero, a state of stillness, where innate wisdom can be accessed.

Beginners Spin w/Melissa! Dec. 28th @ 10:30 -11:15am

Interested in Spinning but intimidated!?  Well, we say when in doubt, pedal it out, and now we're making it easier than ever before to do just that!


Join Melissa @ 10:30 for a 45 minute Beginners Spin Class.  Learn about proper bike adjustment, form, body alignment, and most important leave feeling confident that YES, you CAN participate in a Spin Class!!! 

Bonfire Ceremony Bliss

Did you miss the last bonfire with Melissa? Well here's another chance to feel the magic!

Join in on a special Bonfire Ceremony centered around grounding and releasing what doesn't serve you!!
This includes the ceremony, tea, wine (optional of course), soup, cheese and crackers and fruit!

This is a simple ceremony set around intentions to let go.

*We will use the tradition of calling in the directions to gain more energetic support followed by smudging.

*The ceremony will continue with a simple grounding meditation to connect each of us to our bodies, minds and spirits as they are in that moment.

*We will sit in contemplation and focus on what we are truly ready to let go of from a place of peace instead of releasing in the "heat of the moment". We will focus our energy within ourselves to visualize and feel what life would feel like without that burden anymore.

*We will then write down a word or a few sentences based on a memory or perhaps a name to be burned in the fire.
It is up to you to burn the paper quietly or share what you wrote with the group. Either way, you have witnesses standing by you to create a powerful shift of energy!

*We will conclude our ceremony with a celebration!
Warm tea, wine, organic homemade chicken soup, cheese, crackers and fruit will be served to honor our commitment to...