yoga classes


These classes are specially designed  for those entering their golden year! In Akasa's Forever FIT classes, use bands, light weights, exercise balls, and small controlled movements to combat the effects of aging and have fun while doing it!  Bonus... we offer specialty pricing options for our Forever Fit Classes. For more information visit out 'Pricing' tab!

forever fit | Strength & conditioning

45 minutes

Join us for 45 minutes of movement designed to improve cardiovascular health along with flexibility, balance, strength, and mobility.  These standing and/or seated routines with weights, resistance bands, and balls (small and large) are specially designed for those entering their golden year! Reduce risks of dementia, stroke, cancer and osteoporosis! Move to the beat of fun music in a cheerful no judgement zone.  Perfect for those who wish to remain Forever Fit!

forever flexible | strong & steady

45 minutes

This class will utilize dynamic and controlled movements with resistance in the form of hand weights, resistance bands, balls and body weight to build strength, stability and range of motion. First a warm up, then a workout, & finally a stretch that will leave you feeling strong & steady, both mentally and physically.  Appropriate for all fitness levels... perfect for those who wish to remain Forever Fit!