It's said if you're looking to treat disease, call your doctor, BUT if your looking to prevent it, hire a COACH!  At Akasa our passionate coaches will provide you with the motivation and accountability you need to achieve the hope, health, excitement and overall wellness you're looking to achieve!  When wanting something is not enough of a driving force in and of itself, hire a coach and bridge that gap between wanting and achieving.  There is NO greater wealth than that of health and there is no one more worthy of your investment than YOU!!!

health coaching


You deserve to feel radiantly healthy - to wake up each morning with a carpe diem kind of attitude and go to bed each night full of gratitude!  Am I correct?  Heck yeah I am!  You my dear are the one and only YOU that is and that ever will be!  That's right!  You ARE a big deal! So let me ask you this... are you READY to let go of your self limiting beliefs, self sabotaging patterns, and negative self criticism ONCE AND FOR ALL?  Are you ready to truly FEEL healthy, not just physically, but emotionally as well?  Perhaps you've tried it all... magic shakes, container systems, point systems, calorie counting, yada yada yada, only to be left with the same conclusion - unsustainable!  Let's face it, YOU'RE BUSY.  You don't have the time, and even if you did measuring food day after day after day still blows?  Your time is VALUABLE.  In fact, your time is your most valuable asset so don't waste any more of it sleepwalking through your current behaviors.  Stop hitting snooze.  Stop waiting for the "perfect" opportunity.  Wake up, open your eyes, and focus on this moment!  What can you do?  Perhaps you don't feel like YOU can do anything.  Well then, who can help?  I can.  I can and I will!

Step 1 -  Want it!

Step 2 - Email me, Emily @

Step 3 - Get EXCITED!  You are doing this once and for all!



Guess what?  The weight you want to lose... it can be lost!  The muscle you want to gain... it can be developed!  The strong healthy body you deserve... it can be created!  If you seriously want results, our trainers are serious about creating and implementing a personalized plan tailored towards your individual needs and desired outcomes.  Not only do they possess the knowledge required to transforms your visualization into your reality, they do so with patience, honesty, understanding and a whole lot of passion! Ready to get started!?  Let's connect you with one of our trainers!  E-mail your name and phone number to and a trainer will contact you within 24 hours.  

Available slots... 
Monday 6-9:15am, 7:45-9pm
Tuesday 6-7am, 8-9:15am
Wednesday 8:15-9:15am
Thursday 6-7am, 8-11:15am
Friday 8-9am, 6:30-9pm
Saturday 10:30 - 9pm
Sunday 1:30-9pm

Weekdays from 11:15-4pm

Shamanic Healers use spiritual means at their disposal to direct and move energy within the body and luminous fields to restore harmony.  Techniques used in shamanic healing sessions include : Chakra Illumination - clearing the chakra and luminous field of blocked energy from past trauma; Cord Cutting - cutting energetic cords; Static Energy/Blocked Energy Removal - use of crystals, and Journeying.  To schedule your initial consultation and reveal the necessary meals of healing for your individual situation email us