Sculpt long, lean muscles in an Akasa barre class! Barre classes include a unique mix of dance, pilates, and yoga techniques on a traditional ballet barre to create shapely muscles. 


60 minutes

Akasa's barre classes infuse ballet, pilates & yoga techniques to to elongate and shape muscles. These classes build incredible core strength and involve plenty of stretching to compliment the deep muscle work throughout core and lower-body.  All fitness levels.  

barre yoga

60 minutes

This sculpting class is designed to decompress while toning your entire body by fusing barre with yoga inspired movements. You're getting the best of both worlds in one workout—toned arms, thighs, and booty (along with that yoga high).  All fitness levels. 


60 minutes

Not just a barre class, not just Pilates.... Barlates combines it ALL!!! This class is designed to trim, stretch, and tone the entire body. A combination of ballet barre and pilates, the exercises are designed to tone the legs and glutes as well as core strength and stability movements to enhance a total body workout. The class will emphasize on elongating the muscles to leave you feeling long and strong!